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Word Icon Library is a collection of wonderfully-crafted stock icons for use in commercial and personal products, including text editors, graphic editors, information managers. Icons have a bright color palette, smooth and well-rounded edges.

These icons are delivered in sizes 16x16, 24x24, 32x32, 48x48, 128x128 and 256x256. The icons come in two color variants: 256 colors and True Color with semi-transparency. They also have several file formats, such as ICO, PNG, GIF and BMP.

Word Icon Library

Editor icons
Interpreter icons
Writer icons
Student icons
Clever monkey icons
Clever monkey
Text icons
Notes icons
Notepad icons
Open file icons
Open file
Open folder icons
Open folder
Up folder icons
Up folder
Save file icons
Save file
Print icons
Preview icons
Portrait icons
Landscape icons
Properties icons
Cut icons
Copy icons
Paste icons
Undo icons
Redo icons
Erase icons
Delete v2 icons
Delete v2
Full trash can icons
Full trash can
Empty trash can icons
Empty trash can
Refresh document icons
Refresh document
Clear icons
Edit icons
Red pencil icons
Red pencil
Eraser icons
Grey eraser icons
Grey eraser
Search text icons
Search text
Search icons
Search next icons
Search next
Search previous icons
Search previous
Search next v2 icons
Search next v2
Search previous v2 icons
Search previous v2
Search v4 icons
Search v4
Zoom in icons
Zoom in
Zoom out icons
Zoom out
Auto zoom icons
Auto zoom
New file icons
New file
Document icons
Clear document icons
Clear document
Text file icons
Text file
Empty document icons
Empty document
Image document icons
Image document
Text and image icons
Text and image
Align left icons
Align left
Align right icons
Align right
Align center icons
Align center
Justify icons
Move row icons
Move row
Replace icons
List v2 icons
List v2
List v3 icons
List v3
List v4 icons
List v4
Bold icons
Italic icons
Underlined icons
Special symbols icons
Special symbols
Enlarge size icons
Enlarge size
Reduce size icons
Reduce size
Superscript icons
Subscript icons
Sorting A-Z icons
Sorting A-Z
Sorting Z-A icons
Sorting Z-A
Sorting 1-9 icons
Sorting 1-9
Sorting 9-1 icons
Sorting 9-1
Spell checking icons
Spell checking
Spell checking v2 icons
Spell checking v2
Import text icons
Import text
Export text icons
Export text
Table icons
Tables icons
Table v2 icons
Table v2
Table v3 icons
Table v3
Datasheet icons
Datasheets icons
Flow block icons
Flow block
Calendar icons
Signature icons
Graphic tools icons
Graphic tools
Objects icons
3d bar chart icons
3d bar chart
Object manager icons
Object manager
Work area icons
Work area
Secrecy icons
Form editor icons
Form editor
Card file icons
Card file
Roll icons
Question icons
Yes v3 icons
Yes v3
No icons
OK v2 icons
OK v2
Cancel icons
Screen settings icons
Screen settings
Pixel editor icons
Pixel editor
Ruler icons
Ruler v2 icons
Ruler v2
Ruler v3 icons
Ruler v3
Ruler v4 icons
Ruler v4
Rulers icons
Rulers v2 icons
Rulers v2
Rulers v3 icons
Rulers v3
Rulers v4 icons
Rulers v4
Rulers v5 icons
Rulers v5
Horizontal ruler icons
Horizontal ruler
Vertical ruler icons
Vertical ruler
Set square icons
Set square
Set square v2 icons
Set square v2
Green set square icons
Green set square
Units icons
Settings icons
Check boxes icons
Check boxes
Check options icons
Check options
Help icons
Home icons
Close icons
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All of the icons above are available in the following image formats:
Word Icons example

Word Icons - Example

128x128 images are available also.

Word Icon Library for Download

A short article describing icons, availability of the icons and where to download

A computer icon is a small picture or image used to represent a particular function or command. Icons have been used to assist users in their computer work rather than using text instructions. Icons can range in size from 16 by 16 pixels to 128 x128 pixels icons. In this faced-paced MS Word users are no longer inclined to read long series of texts just to look for a command or application. It is like we have gone back to history where pictograms are used instead of working with text.

Icons are used virtually anywhere in a computer. An icon is used to represent an application or program in the desktop to easily identify it. Icons are also used in toolbars to compress the set of commands needed for a particular aspect of an application. Small icons in the task bar show the most commonly used applications and these applications could be launched with just one click.

Icons or images in your websites can spell the difference from a dry and boring website and an attractive and profitable website.

Our collection of stock icons can help you design a streamlined and modern website, or application. Preview icons at word icons page.

The set includes user representative icons such as editor icon, interpreter icon, writer icon, student icon and even a clever monkey icon.

If a text editor application is in the development, then these icons will be extremely applicable. There is a text icon, save file icon, open file icon, print icon, print preview icon, clear icon, and portrait and landscape icons. Using these icons will guide your users on how to utilize your text editor application. It is easier than work with text. At 128x128 icons, you will be able to visualize the main shape and design theme of the icon. Other useful icons include bold, underlined and italic icons; enlarge size, reduce size, superscript and subscript icons.

A graphic editor application will apply the different ruler images included in the set. There are also icons for graphic tools, objects, flow block and block charts.

Each icon is meticulously crafted to make it special and unique. It is vividly drawn, superbly colored and aesthetically pleasing. The icons will aid the developer impart a professional vibe to his websites and applications.

Ensuring quality and professionalism on your work will enable users to develop trust in your products. They are liable to purchase the products if they feel that it came from a trusted source. And purchases will translate to better revenues for you as a developer.

Usability and navigability is also a factor for success in an application. By using well-crafted and identifiable icons, the users will have an easier time navigating your site or using your application.

To purchase this set log on to word icons page and browse the selection of icons available. It can be purchased individually or as a set.

clear icon
Marker Icon Craft is our pick. This icon maker allows you to design and edit all kinds of graphics required in the software development cycle, including icons, static and animated cursors and interface elements - all these kinds of graphics can now be designed in a single application.

Marker Icon Processor is an icon converter. It creates icons from your images. It is possible to convert 256-color icons into True Color icons and XP icons.

Marker ICL-Icon Extractor will scan your files, archives, folders and all local disks for icons. It can download icons from the Internet and customize Windows icons.

Marker Perfect Icon creates icons from any graphic file (PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, WMF and more) in just seconds. Create stylish icons for Windows XP. Easily replace, colorize and save icons that Windows uses to display standard objects, folders and files.

Pixel Editor Pixel Editor is a program to create and edit images for websites or mobile devices. An array of tools to work with pictures and simplicity of use make this product ideal for newbies and graphic design professionals alike.